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About us

Drak Tattoo is a study of tattoos guided to give you a different service, one does not try that you see a drawing, I trace it, I tattoo it to you and right now, isn’t… Drak Tattoo is much more, one is which you explain your idea to me and I do a totally original and customized drawing to you for you… The times to see a drawing of the catalogue, to do it to him and after finding another man with the same tattoo, at the swimming pool, it’s history… A tattooer must be an artist, not a photocopier… A tattooer has to be before nothing a sketcher. To tattoo is only a techinque not a way to draw for that reason a tattooer must make all the styles possible. Althought evidently always there will be a style in wich the tattooer will develop better, because he will be his favourite; he is inevitable, for that reason at the time of choosing a tattooer it is very important to know in that style develops better and if that style is the one that to you like. Normally a good tattooer is able to work with agility least two or three styles, if not more. In a tattoo they have to arise the feelings of the tattooer and the tattooed one, for that reason the more clear you have the idea of wich you want, the more easy the ideal drawing for you will be for my make you and the more also easy it will be to me to integrate new ideas to the final design…. Although that does not mean that if you have a drawing that you have become or a design of wich you like, also you it can tattoo. But then beam case of the advice of the tattooer, because perhaps that design in concrete that to you like so much and that you wan in the arm, perhaps does not have the correct form to do it tot it and id necessary there to do i t in the back, so that it will be better. Or it must modify the design so that it can be well in the arm those questions of aesthetic and harmony of the design with the zone are where it must tattoo of the body. It is a subject in that normally the tattooer knows more than you are and is interesting to let it advice… buy obvious the final decision is yours and singles yours, in Drak Tattoo a tattooer only works, Jipi; who speaks to you and the one that has made all the works that you can see in the gallery. I hope that you like. If you were hesitant decide you to visit to me. If you have any question you do not doubt in contacting with me, or by phone or mail and if what you want is to expose your ideas on tattoos or simply some commentary on the page Web, the works or simply to differ, then you do not let visit the forum.